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Remmedial work & Safety upgrades

  • Total and partial rewires
  • Switch board  & meter box upgrades/replacement or relocation
  • Human , earth leakage protective  device installations, power and lighting circuits protection upgrades.

Bath rooms

  • Heated towel rails
  • Wall mounted heaters
  • Earth leakage protected socket outlets for hair dryers/shavers etc...
  • 3 IN 1 extract fan/heat lamp, combination lighting units
  • Under floor heating systems 
  • Spa baths
  • Both low and standard voltage lighting systems
  • Custom appliance installations


  • Both low and standard voltage lighting systems, recessed and surface mounted.
  • Stove/hob top, and oven installations
  • Range hood & down draft extract fan installations
  • Complete new kitchen electrical system installations including all remote and local appliance safety isolation switches as and where required, for fridges/microwaves/dish washers and waste masters etc...
  • Total systems earth leakage protection installation

Home entertainment areas


New /old  home  pre purchase check list

Many people never consider home electrical safety when purchasing a new property.

Although LIM reports  cover the structural safey of homes they do not report on the integrity and safety of a homes electrical systems.

If you are a prospective buyer  of an older home we recommend that you should have a homes system inspected by a registered electrician or electrical inspector.

Such an inspection may cost $200 - $400.00 + G.S.T. depending on the size of the dwelling , but can be well worth the cost ,by high lighting potential hazards , and legal liabillities exposure , re health and safety , insurance cover , and the potential costs  that one may be exsposed to in the event of injury , death or property damage,  as well as the potential cost of any remedial work that may be required to make a property safety code especially in regard to investment properties such as domestic , and commercial rental , or leased properties.

Before purchasing a new or old  home  it is advisable to have the following checks carried out on the electrical systems .

For houses built between 1800 - 1940s (can be dangerous )

A total re inspection regardless of the fact , or statements the house that may have been rewired . The property seller should be able to produce a certificate of compliance if this is the case. ( Buyer be very very aware )

Many insurance companies now require new property owners, of such buildings to provide proof of safety compliance , before they will provide cover.  So it also pays to check before purchasing , with your prefered insurance company.

Over the years Shire Electrical have come across many of these old properties where remmedial work has been carried out , and a new switch board has been installed , only to discover on further investigation that not all the old wiring has been replaced or sections of old circuits have been left in place.

Today the original wiring  in all of these old homes is well beyond its safe use by date and presents a potential fire hazard at all the connection points such as light fittings switches , power outlets , and especially heaverly loaded circuits , like stoves and hot water cylinder circuits. And most especially so , at the switch board .

Because the old cablings insulation has dried out and become brittle to the extent that it has fallen off the cables , and where such cables are in close proximity to others , or are part of coposite cables provide a very real risk ok shorting out and causing a fire to start or present a risk of electrical shock.

Because of the way switch boards , of that time were constructed and fitted to walls , they had an open back ,there by exposing such wiring , and causing some of it to be in direct contact with tinder dry , hemp wall paper match lining , and the wall board framing behind.


For houses built between 1930s - early 1960s (can be very dangerous )

Where the original electrical systems , or parts of are still present in these  homes , they are now extremely dangerous

A total re inspection is a must , and highly advised regardless of the fact , or statements that the house  may have been rewired . The property seller should be able to produce a certificate of compliance if this is the case. ( Buyer be very very very aware )

As these houses were built at a time after the war when metal resources were of short supply , electrical installation methods changed , and wooden cable encasement systems were used to provide mechanical protection to the cables in the ceiling / wall , and crawl spaces of these homes , unfortunately the cables offten used trough out this time were a mixture V.I.R. ( material fabric covered rubber insulted ,same as in 1900 - 1940s house ) and T.R.S. ( Tuff rubber sheathed cables late 1940s -1965 )

These installations by their very nature are well beyond their safe use by date , because of the extreme risk of fire they present by being inclosed in what is now essentially tinder dry cable encasement structures.


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